Leo Sorel Photography

"Louis and I have entertained continuously during our 35 years together and had very specific points of view on what kind of feeling we hoped to create for our wedding guests.

We contacted several “Wedding Planners." All were perfectly pleasant, but seemed very interested in what they did and much less interested in what we wanted. Cathy Ballone was entirely different. First- she listened. She was confident enough and smart enough to know that she could not tell us what she was going to do unless she knew what we wanted her to do. By the end of our first meeting we had decided to hire her.

Cathy's Elegant Events could not have been more perfect. They thought of a ton of details that had never occurred to us, took responsibility for printing name cards and the like, organized our various suppliers and handled troubleshooting during the event. After the wedding, we learned that the venue had failed to mow the lawn under the tent and that Cathy had seamlessly handled this without troubling us, the morning of our wedding.

She also stayed on top of us in the gentlest possible way, forcing us to make necessary specific decisions in a timely fashion. She was extremely detailed and prepared a comprehensive schedule for the day of the event, which was both realistic and enforceable. Every portion of the event occurred smoothly and on schedule which would not have occurred without all of Cathy's work."

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