Within This Day Photography

"Cathy is the best. THE BEST. It's hard to imagine capturing in words how great Cathy is at what she does, what a joy it is to work with her, and how wonderful and stress free our wedding week and weekend were as a result of her over-the-top efforts. In fact, I'm sure I will not be able to do so. It hopefully suffices to say that you would be remiss to not consult with Cathy first about your event, and to then book her quickly before someone beats you to her. After getting engaged we weren't sure if we needed or wanted a wedding planner; we -- I -- thought it might be too pricey for our budget. But after working with Cathy I found my foot in my mouth several times over. She's so organized, so knowledgeable, and so detail oriented; with the biweekly calls to stay in sync and on track, and the lists upon lists upon lists, among other things, I realized quickly what a bargain we were getting. We worked with Cathy for over a year to plan our event, and now proudly call her a friend and family member; framily, if you will. She's amazing, book her now."


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