Julia Elizabeth Photography

"We used Cathy from start to finish, from the moment we first had a tour of our would be venue to the day of the wedding. We had a really clear vision of what we wanted our wedding day to be like, and she perfectly executed it down to every last detail. We wanted a very relaxed, but detailed bohemian aesthetic. She understood our vision immediately, even though I'm sure every wedding and couple that she works with is entirely different. We went into the entire process thinking that if we had the design aspects down and knew the big vendor choices, we had the hard stuff done with. But there are so many logistical aspects to wedding planning that few couples ever understand the true scope of beforehand, and Cathy made our lives ten thousand times easier by taking on the majority of them herself and/or seamlessly guiding us through them. When it comes to the actual day of the wedding, there is no one better. She coordinated everything with all the vendors, from caterers to musicians to shuttle drivers to florists, etc. We had our wedding in upstate NY, but the majority of our vendors were from NYC. It didn't matter. She pulled off the set-up and timing of the motions of the entire day without one single hiccup. Best of all, she is such a sweet and enjoyable person to not only speak to and be with for the many months leading up to your wedding, but she is just such a calming and pleasant energy to be around the day of the wedding when emotions are running high. We cannot thank Cathy enough for a perfect wedding, and the memories we'll have for a lifetime to come."


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